Repair & Upgrade

Tangled Technology provide a one-stop Computer repair and upgrade in Potters Bar.
As your Computer gets older it can slow down, and become troublesome. This is typical of all technology not maintained correctly. We can bring your technology back to life by troubleshooting software and hardware issues, replacing or upgrading only the faulty components found to keep your costs to an absolute minimum, From a full PC health check, to work-bench fixes and component replacement, we’ll get it back to its former technological glory. Tangled Technology is the premier place for Computer repair and upgrade in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Computer Repair and Upgrade in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

  • Computer Health Check and diagnostics: £25 this is refundable if we diagnose a fault and you give Tangled Technology the work!
  • Software/Hardware Install and configuration: £25
  • Troubleshooting: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Device Driver installations and upgrades: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • System re-build or factory reset: £40
  • Data Transfer: £20 for first 30GB plus £0.50 per additional GB
  • Operating System clean installs and upgrades : £40
  • Fix/replace motherboards, hard drives, screens etc and computers and mobile devices: Cost of parts plus labour @ £25/hr (charged per hour)

So, if you or you business are having some issues with your Desktop or Laptop PC, we can help you by providing you a one-stop Computer repair and upgrade in Potters Bar, Herfordshire.