Cloud Services

Tangled offer a custom cloud back-up service for both businesses and home users, ensuring that your data is fully backed-up at all times.

We are currently in negotiations with a leading cloud storage provider, to secure better managed cloud storage services so that we can offer to you a more tailored service and value for money. We are negotiating discount rates, a new easy to use, cross platform interface and larger storage drives, to make our custom cloud back-up service as good as possible.

When our business is concluded we will be able to offer our customers a custom cloud back-up service, tailored to your needs ensuring that your data is fully backed-up should anything bad happen to your primary technology

If you need to use a custom cloud back-up service now, we can still help you out With our links to our future supplier, and the ability to transfer your data over to our systems once our service is up and running!

Just give us a call for a chat about our custom cloud back-up service, and we’ll talk you through it, step by step.

So, exactly what is a custom cloud back-up service, anyway?

Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is a way for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server. The server is usually hosted by a third-party service provider, who charges the backup customer a fee based on capacity, bandwidth or number of users.

OK, so whats ‘custom’ about that?

Online backup systems are typically built around a client software application that runs on a schedule determined by the level of service the customer has purchased.
If the customer has contracted for daily backups, for instance, then the application collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers data to the service provider’s servers every 24 hours.
You customise the frequency of our cloud back-up service dependent on your budget or needs.
e.g. Home users my customise their cloud service to back up their data once a month, keeping the relative cost low. However, business users may have the need to back-up their critical data every 24 hours, which is a more expensive service.