Services & Networking

Here at Tangled Technology, we offer computer repair and networking in Potters Bar, bespoke computer builds, set-up, and networking for all your technology needs. We know it can be a nightmare to configure your computer the way you want it, and we understand that tablet technology is relatively new to a lot of people. To the layman, setting up your email on your smart phone could prove to be a longer task than expected, and some people just like to be shown what their technology can do. We ‘ll happily provide you with all these services and more. Give us a call on 0170 724 6200 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.

Computer repair and networking – Desktops/Laptops/Netbooks

  • Custom Desktop PC builds to suit any budget, or real honest advice on which laptops either Windows or Apple in the market are worth spending your money on.
  • Operating System clean installs and upgrades: £40
  • PC/Mac set-up and personalisation: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Multiple user accounts: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Computer repair and networking
  • Updates, runtimes/codecs and anti-virus. (basically everything you need to make your user experience as effortless as possible £20
  • Tutorials/demonstrations and all round support for major software packages and web services: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)

Computer repair and networking – Tablets/Mobiles/Smart Phones/Digital Cameras/TV’s

  • All the desktop/laptop services where applicable
  • Help setting up mobile broadband: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Demo features: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Connect memory cards: £5
  • Connect SIM cards: £5
  • Test everything is working: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Configure and personalise to your taste: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Tutorials/demonstrations and all round support : £25/hr (charged per 30mins)

Computer repair and networking – Mobile & Home Networking

  • Help getting you set-up and connected to the internet regardless of device or connection protocols: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Set-up file sharing in your home, business, place of work: £25/hr (charged per hour)
  • Set-up printer sharing: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Set-up streaming between devices: £25/hr (charged per 30mins)
  • Set-up and configure network attached storage: £25/hr (charged per hour)